New Venture Creation

New Venture Creation: NQF levels 2 and 4

New Venture Creation is a SAQA (South African Qualifications Authority) registered course created to stimulate and enhance entrepreneurship in South Africa. It was designed as a means to redress the past by equipping its learners with a qualification that would help them tender for work in both the private and public sectors.

New Venture Creation Qualification exists as part of an integrated National Qualifications Framework. This framework at large addresses the lack of quality training for informal and unqualified entrepreneurs. It identifies ways to contribute to their development and learning with the ultimate goal of increasing their presence and performance within the Small, Micro and Medium Enterprise Sector. New Venture Creation Qualification gives learners the technical, business, managerial and personal skills to create small businesses and helps them develop strategies to sustain them.

In keeping with our vision to develop small businesses in South Africa, Letsatsi is registered with SAQA to train learners on the NVC at an NQF level 2 and 4. The facilitation of the NVC is our core offering and over the years we have successfully trained over 500 learners on it.

This has taken place over a number of meaningful projects for significant clients including the following:

  • The Department of Higher Education and Training: The training of 220 learners on NVC level 4 qualification on a full learnership.
  • The Services SETA : Letsatsi was a lead provider for training SMMEs on the NVC creation. Over 40 business completed this qualification.
  • Forestry Industries Education and Training authority: Letsatsi managed the implementation of the NVC programme. We provided training and mentorship for 25 businesses that completed full NVC qualifications.
  • Massmart: Project management and delivery of the NVC Qualification to 60 emerging retail businesses.
  • Mining Qualifications Authority: Trained and mentored 50 SMME businesses for the full NVC Qualification.

Learners complete the qualification over 12 months. The course is comprised of eight modules that require the completion of both practical and written tasks. As a SAQA accredited training provider, Letsatsi has the infrastructure, resources and qualified staff to competently and effectively deliver on the training of these courses including the administrative and moderation processes. We are fanatical about successful service delivery and have developed quality-assuring methodologies to see that our training programmes commit to the stipulations of the SAQA.

For more information on New Venture Qualification NQF levels 2 and 4 click on the links below:

As an alternative to the full New Venture Qualification, we also offer training on individual unit standards. These unit standards form part of the New Venture Qualification but can be obtained cumulatively. They are still SETA recognised, credit bearing and are conducted by our accredited trainers.

The most popular individual unit standards include the following:

  • Entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing and Tendering
  • Finance and Costing
  • Managing People
  • Financial Management
  • Facilitation skills
  • Assessment Practices
  • Managing Money